By |September 15, 2022|

This photo was taken the Kindred Spirits Conference in Bloomington, Indiana in 2006. It shows Annie Potts, myself, Carol Adams and Carol Gigliotti. Kindred Spirits was one of the very early Animal Studies conferences and a milestone in my involvement in this new and rewarding cross-disciplinary field.


By |September 4, 2022|

This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2017 at Sandford near Hobart, Tasmania. Sixteen-year-old Sen has received a drone for Christmas . . . . see the pictures of the lagoon and surrounding countryside that he took that day.


By |August 26, 2022|

This photo was taken last summer in the garden I made on a formerly neglected space at the back of our townhouse complex. New shoots from the seeds that fell from these flowers are just starting to break through the ground and soon the birds will come back.


By |August 16, 2022|

In 2019 I visited Copenhagen and took this photo near the canal, not far from Amalienborg Palace in Frederiksstaden. Back home in Hobart in 2020, in a tiny neglected space behind our townhouse complex, I found two abandoned planters like this one and made a garden.


By |August 10, 2022|

This is the home where I grew up. The Canary Island date palm on the right and the birds who congregated there were a constant presence during my childhood. Perhaps this is why I love trees so much.


By |August 1, 2022|

This is the first of the Photostories I'll post each week. This photo was taken in 2012 in the centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The dog and the man are not unlike each other in their appearance and attitude, but I love that the dog has the best chair.

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