This photo was taken last summer in the garden I made at the back of our townhouse complex (see Photostory 3). The terracotta birdbath has now been replaced by an old stone one. Sparrows and blackbirds come to the garden in Spring and Summer and I sometimes see feathers from other birds too – rosellas, pigeons and an unknown white bird.

You can see the shadow of the Gleditsia trees on the wall behind the garden. They provide a superb mulch – tiny leaves, so dense they form a 14cm deep carpet over the soil in Autumn. One morning I noticed small broken branches under the trees. Then saw droppings from possums, who must have crossed the busy Brooker Highway that runs between The Domain and the garden . . . . fortunately, the plants were not damaged.

People sit on the garden bench and, during the pandemic, workers from the hospital nearby and residents in the adjacent hotel used it as a quiet, private place to make phone calls to family and friends.  Everyone who passes tells me they walk that way so they can see how the garden is developing and what new plants are growing there. They say “Did you plant this garden?”