In 2019 I visited Copenhagen and took this photo near the canal, not far from Amalienborg Palace in Frederiksstaden. I had rarely seen a circular planter like this in a densely populated urban area and thought it was superb.

Back home, in 2020, I started a garden on a tiny, neglected space adjacent to the hotel carpark behind our townhouse complex in inner city Hobart. The only objects there, abandoned in the grass and weeds, were two huge circular planters like this one and several large beams. Remembering Copenhagen, I weeded the area, repositioned the planters, filled them with potting mix and compost and planted them with nasturtiums, heartsease, a lavender bush, calendula and parsley (see second photo below).  Then I filled their cracks and mended their chips and painted them terracotta.

Later, I was given permission to plant a garden in the stony ground beneath the two weeping Gleditsia trees on this little corner. The planters are one of my favourite features there.

I will post more about my garden project in future blogs.